Graduation Goodbyes! (and a Terrific Tune!)

We offer our very best wishes to our superb and scintillating scholars in Sixth Class, who have graduated. We are so proud of this bunch who are genial, gracious, generous, great, gentle and truly gifted! Our congratulations to you all guys. We are sorry we didn’t achieve everything we set out to do this year but appearing on RTE News (twice!!), creating, directing, editing and acting in two movies, leading ‘buddy-time’, ‘Spookathon’, our Christmas Choir and ‘Peace Proms’, inspiring ‘Dave’s Graduation Song’, being in a band and having a wall dedicated to you isn’t half bad!Please click on the links to see everyone, the adventures throughout the years and the snaps of all the good and great times that epitomised our Class of 2020! We wish you well, you’ll be legendary wherever you go and we’ll see you all soon! Stay awesome!

Originally posted 1st July 2020

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